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Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Hello Kimberly, I am excited to share that I have become a grandmother, or Babcia, as we say in Polish. My beautiful grandchild is now one year old and lives in Australia, while I reside in New Zealand. Unfortunately, due to the distance, I was unable to visit and bond with her as a baby. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to inform you that I will be travelling to Australia in July to finally meet her and reunite with my son, whom I haven't seen in six years and accompanied by my mother. My son and I will celebrate our birthdays together, making this a memorable trip for all of us. It may also be my mother's last international travel to see her great-granddaughter and grandson. I am eagerly counting down the days, although it will be difficult to say goodbye when the time comes to leave Australia.


Sunday 13th of November 2022

Thankyou Kimberly, I am keen to grow as a Nana. I live in Australia and I have five gorgeous grandchildren- 7 years to 4 months.

Lori Angeleri

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

Hello! I'm a grandma of 2. I'm very interested in hearing about the Grandma Showers that you've had. I'm having one for a girlfriend in June and want it to be spectacular ... focusing on her as a new Grandma!


Wednesday 30th of March 2022

Hi, Lori. The "Grandma" showers I've been to have been pretty low-key. We focused on being happy along with her, celebrating the new family member, and sharing our joy. It wasn't really about gifts, but about the change in the family, the acceptance that our kids were going to be parents. There were, however, small gifts - things she could use when her Grandchild visited. Like books, small toys, an extra baby blanket, or a picture frame. (Collecting photos to display and creating photo books has been a fun way for my grands to look back and remember the things we've done together along the way. They're a little older now and pull the photo books out every time they're here. We talk about the zoo trip, the boat ride, the Christmas when they received a particular gift. It helps them remember...) The thing I remember most about the celebration my Grandma friends had for me? The silly award ribbon that we passed around. I only held it for a few months and then passed it along to my dear friend who became a grandma soon after me. We had cocktails, I received a few small "token" gifts, and the ones who had gone before me shared their advice. It was special to me, let me know my friends cared about what was happening in my life, and gave us another way to connect and share. My advice is to not overshadow the new mom, but to make it about the joy and not the "things"... Have fun! --Kimberly

Patti Green

Sunday 9th of January 2022

Hello, I am a grandma of 10! And great grandma of 6!!

Denise Manogue

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

Hello.. So happy to have found this site. Grandmother of 4

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