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Fun with Grandkids

Do Things

Visit this category for all our great ideas of things to do with your Grandkids. Making memories takes a little work, but with our ideas combined with your own, you’re sure to make time spent together memorable and fun!

Go Places

This category is all about places to visit with your Grandkids. Some are in my home area, St. Louis, others are general ideas of places like the zoo, camping and so on. Find some great ideas for making memories by visiting other places.


If the Grands are going to be with you for any length of time, you may need to feed them. Cooking with kids and feeding them are covered in this category. Find recipes, ideas for cooking together and ways to get kids to eat.


Celebrations are a big part of Grandparenting, and it’s those times we remember from our past – Christmas at Grandmas, or a special birthday party. Here are some ideas for celebrating those important events with Grandchildren.


Reading is the foundation for success for every child. You can help by providing books, reading to kids and telling stories. Here are some book suggestions, ideas for reading together, and ways to share your love of reading with kids.

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