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What to Get Grandma for Christmas Gift Guide

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It’s hard to know what to get Grandma for Christmas.  Find the perfect gift for Grandma here in our Grandma gift guide full of unique Christmas gift ideas she will love.  And these gift ideas for Grandma can be used at any time, not just for Christmas.  Take a look at the things we’ve found. 

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What to Get Grandma for Christmas (Or Mom)

What in the world do you get for the Grandmas in your life? 

Finding the perfect gift for your Grandma is always a challenge. 

Let me help you with that. 

I’ve searched and found some really great gifts that she will love!

If you try, you will surely find an idea here that corresponds with your own Grandma. 

Is she nostalgic? 

Does she love staying connected with family? 

Is she a cook, gardener, or nature lover? 

No matter what her interests, let us help you find a perfect gift for her.

What to Get Grandma for Christmas?  The Gift of Memories

Grandmothers love looking back, remembering their past, and reminiscing. 

This first section of Christmas gifts for Grandma is for the things to help her relive the moments of her past.  

Photo Book

A photo book is a great way to relive those moments. 

Whether you create a book with pictures of her childhood, her parents, and her first home, or a photo book with pictures from her marriage and early family days, or of her with her Grandchildren, you can’t go wrong with a photo book. 

Read more about creating a photo book at this post:   How to Remember the Good Times and Tell Family Stories with a Photo Book.

Recipe Towel

You may have had a dish prepared by Grandma. 

That recipe may have come from her own mom or Grandma. 

Has she passed that recipe to you? 

Having a handwritten recipe printed onto a kitchen towel would make an awesome gift! 

And while you’re at it, get one made for yourself or your daughter as well.

It’s a fun way to pass on that family recipe and what a wonderful keepsake, too.

If you’d like some other ideas for ways to give recipe gifts, see our post about Handwritten Recipes gifts.

Grandmother Journal

First-time Grandmothers might like our printable Grandmother Journal

She can record her experiences and feelings about becoming a Grandmother for the first time. 

The other type of journal a Grandmother would love is one she can pass down to her family that tells her own story

Grandmother JournalA New Grandmother Journal

What to Get Grandma for Christmas?  The Gift of Connection

A Digital Photo Album Frame

A digital photo album frame is a great way for Grandma to stay connected.

Simply set it up for her, give the email address to your loved ones and friends, and ask them to email photos whenever they are doing something fun.

First days of school, birthdays, or events happening when she can’t attend can be shared with her through the digital photo album.

Marco Polo App

Add this app to Grandma’s phone and send her messages at your convenience. 

She can then view your message and respond when she is ready. 

Grandma will love this fun way to stay connected with family. 

She could use this app to read a book to her Grandchild, ask your advice about her new shoes, or attend a school program when she lives far away.

Friendship Lamps

These cool lamps let someone know you’re thinking about them. Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi.

Touch your lamp and the matching lamp lights, no matter where it is in the world. 

When Grandma sees her lamp light up, she knows you’ve thought about her today and will feel your love.

For most Grandmas, staying connected with family is extremely important.  Give the gift of connection with these ideas.

What to Get Grandma for Christmas?  The Gift of Food

Unless your Grandma has health restrictions, a gift of food is usually a winner.

Healthy Food Gifts

Did you know Amazon actually has healthy food gift ideas?  Check out the options – granola bars, fruit, nuts, and other “not so terrible” snacks.

Fruit basket


Ok, so who doesn’t like a good steak? 

Even if you live far away, you can have an awesome steak from this well-known company delivered right to her door. 

And I’m sure she’ll love it!

Fruit Basket

This great little fruit basket would be perfect! 

Fill it with Grandma’s favorites and make your own gift basket of fruit.

What to Get Grandma for Christmas?  The Gift of Time

One of the best gifts I’ve received as a Grandma is the gift of time. 

Spending time with family is better than any present they could get for me. 

So if your gift is for a Grandma that feels the same way, consider giving her one of these things.


Get concert tickets for a show she would love, a hockey game, or a Broadway (or off-Broadway) production. 

Christmas shows or concerts at a local theater are fun to attend.  (We have The Nutcracker and a Charlie Brown Christmas performed in our area each year.) 

Then get a ticket for yourself, her Grandkids, or someone she loves.  Go with her to the event.


Don’t you love a good picnic? 

Pack your picnic basket with some great goodies, go pick her up, and head to a park, riverfront, or just to her house and enjoy a little lunch together. 

There’s nothing like seeing you in person to make her day.

(You could even leave the basket… Maybe she’ll fill it for you or the Grandkids another day?)

And you know, if it’s cold in your area, find a nice indoor spot to dine!

christmas gifts


If you don’t see Grandma often, a visit might be in order. 

To give a visit as a Christmas gift doesn’t mean it has to actually be on Christmas, either. 

Make it a quick weekend visit in the weeks before or after the holiday.  She will love to see you!

What to Get Grandma for Christmas?  The Gift of Leisure Activities


If Grandma likes to read, a Kindle membership may be the perfect gift for her. 

Download a few of her favorite books and show her how to use the app to download her own. 

Is she going to need reading glasses?  Or a tablet for reading her Kindle books?  Add that, too. 

Or go together with your brother or sister and give a combined gift.   

That makes it easier, right?


How about a pair of binoculars, an Audubon book of birds, or a bird feeder and seed

Birdwatching is a fun hobby during any season of the year.

Puzzles and Games

Keeping the mind busy is especially important for older folks. 

If your Grandma is retired and not very active, maybe she would enjoy jigsaw puzzles, Crossword puzzles, or playing games. 

Get her a chess set and use the Marco Polo app above to play with her!

Other Gift Guides

If you didn’t find anything here that sounded just right, check out our other gift guides for Grandmas. 

There’s bound to be a perfect Christmas gift idea for Grandma somewhere in here!

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Terrific Gift Ideas for New Grandmas.

What are you getting YOUR Grandma for Christmas? 

If you ARE the Grandma, it doesn’t hurt to send a link to this post to whoever might be wanting ideas for this Christmas season… just sayin’.   

Let me know and Keep Passing Down the Love,

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Christmas for Grandmas

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