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A Cart Full of Memories: Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is a holiday set aside to honor, remember, and appreciate the Dads in our lives, even though our love for them is present every day.  

My Dad is 81 years young now, and still making history with his family. I’m sure you have stories of your own Dad, here is one of mine. He was the father of three girls.  

Though not wealthy by any means, he provided everything we needed and then some.  

He went to work every day, doing what was necessary to care for his family.

Dad was frugal, inventive, creative, and resourceful. Often making something from nothing, he always managed to come through for us.

The Go-Cart, Circa 1968

When I was 10-12 years old, Dad built a go-cart from scraps and leftovers – some old rusty bed rails, a spare piece of wood for the seat, a little lawn mower engine and I’m not sure what else.  (I was young and not at all mechanical, you see.)  

I’m sure he could still describe it for you, but my recall doesn’t include those details.  

This go-cart didn’t go fast.  In fact, it was pretty slow.  It puttered around the yard, and wouldn’t have won any prizes at the car show. 

But, It. Was. Awesome!  

We were beyond thrilled.  

My middle sister and I drove that little cart in circles around the yard for hours on end.  

We ran it out of gas, and Dad filled it up again.  

Becoming Celebrities

It wasn’t long before we became the talk of the neighborhood.  

Our friends would come over to ask for a ride.

They would stand in line waiting for their turn on the go-cart.  

And they brought their friends. They were only allowed to be passengers, however, never the driver.  

We were so proud of this go-cart that my Dad had created for us.  

Proud to share the fun with our friends. And proud to have a Dad who was not only ABLE to build this contraption but had built it just for us!  

It may have been scrap metal, but that first go-cart was made with love.  

At the time, I don’t imagine Dad said: “They will remember this for years to come”.  

What he did do was spend time with his kids, put in the effort to connect with them, and as a result, gave them something to remember. 

My sister and I have such fond memories of those days and still talk about it often.  

Today’s Go-Cart, 2021

Fast forward to today.  My sisters & I have grown up, now with children of our own.  

In fact, I even have two grandchildren!

And Grandpa (our Dad) has continued the go-cart experience for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It’s a big deal when Grandpa gets the cart out and everyone gets to ride.  

And that usually happens any time one of the Grands asks to take the cart for a spin.

go cart fun

Show the Love

Memories of the first ride, of their hair blowing in the wind as they flew around the yard and time spent with Grandpa.

They will remember him smiling and saying, “you want to go for a ride?”.  

This will create go-cart memories of the day they all dressed up in Grandpa’s cover-alls and came back covered in mud.

Most of all, they will remember that Grandpa enjoyed being with them and seeing them have fun.    

It isn’t the go-cart itself, but the special feeling of knowing Grandpa loves them and made the effort to show them.  

Creating Memories

Our go-cart memories started with a Dad who loved his kids and wanted them to feel special.  And we did.    

It continues with Grandpa wanting his grandchildren to know these feelings as well.  And they do.    

The entire family has benefited from that go-cart built so many years ago.  

Because of this one particular gesture, multiple generations have been brought into this circle of memories.

Thanks, Dad!

As Father’s Day approaches, remember to take the time to thank your Dad for the things he has done for you, for making you feel special, and for loving you.  

Even if he may not say it often, you know it.  His actions can speak for him.  

My Dad is a Dad, Grandpa, and Great-grandpa to a crazy clan that adores him!  

We will continue to create new memories whenever we have the chance!

Thanks, Dad, for Passing Down the Love.

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Diana Elder

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

Jana Greenhalgh

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

What a sweet post. I love seeing the go-cart pictures from long ago and from today. Fathers are the best!


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

It's so fun to see the old picture - the only one we located... What great memories! Thanks for stopping by, Jana!

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