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A Fun Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable Kids Will Love

Have a great time with the kids using this free Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable.  Designed for fun and connection.  See our instructions for using this cute printable to stay connected to your Grandkids when they’re long-distance.

Entertaining Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

Conducting a scavenger hunt with this Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable or a Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable can be a great activity for your Grands when visiting the zoo. 

How about trying this the next time you go with them to the zoo? 

Or if they live far away, mail it to them to use on their next zoo excursion. 

They can photograph each item and text it to you!

zoo scavenger hunt free printable

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Kids just wanna have fun.  The main purpose of this great printable is to engage kids in the experience. 

Sharing a love of nature like is found at the zoo can help you keep in touch and increase your connection.

Everybody loves a challenge.   How many items can you find?  Can you find more than your brother?  Can you find more than Grandma?

Learn. Use this fun printable as a learning tool.  Talk about the animals they’re seeing. 

Talk about their habitats, what foods they are eating, and how they adapt to the weather.  Spark curiosity and imagination while you’re having fun.

Stay connected.  This free Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids can also be used as a way to stay in touch. 

See the instructions below to use this for that purpose.

Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt for kids.

Instructions for normal use.


Download the free zoo scavenger hunt printable below or from our Member Area and print out a copy for yourself and for each Grandchild.  (The Member Area has a lot of printables… join at the bottom of this post)


Everyone will need a pencil, marker or crayon.

Take Photos

Make sure someone has a camera.


Visit the local zoo.  Take just a few of you or the whole family to enjoy the day.


Walk to each exhibit.  Use a map to find your way around.


When you find an item, mark it off your list.  If you’re doing the long-distance version, see the complete instructions below.


When someone has found all the items or time is up, compare lists to see who found the most objects.

VARIATION:  Work together on ONE list.  Let everyone contribute to finding and recording the objects.

FOR LONG-DISTANCE GRANDPARENTS:  To be sure they are willing to help, you may want to check with the parents before you send this to the grandkids. 

Because it will mean THEY get to take the kids to the zoo themselves.

Of course, these instructions can be altered based on your unique circumstances.


Download the free zoo scavenger hunt printable below or from our Member Area and print out a copy for yourself and for each Grandchild.  (The Member Area has a lot of printables… join at the bottom of this post)

Write a Letter

Write a letter to your Grandkids and explain the game and how to play.

Mail it

Mail it off to your Grandkids in a secret envelope.  You can draw on it, say “Look Inside for Fun” or make a happy face.


Everyone will need a crayon, pencil, or marker.  Bingo markers would work perfectly for this!


Make sure someone in the family has a camera.


Have them visit their local zoo.


Tell them to observe, visit the exhibits and use a zoo map to find the items on the list.  Kids LOVE using a map!

Take a photo

When they find an item on the list, have them take a photo, text it to you and mark it off their list.

Update the list

You can mark it off your list.


When they have found all the things or time is up, get together on FaceTime and talk about their trip.  Have them text a picture of their completed form to you.

Another great idea for your Zoo Scavenger Hunt

If you want to, you could make a photo book of their finds and scorecard to give them.  Or add a few of them in the “yearbook” you might decide to make them for Christmas.

You might also like the Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable.

Making an extra effort to connect with your Grandchildren, especially when they are long-distance will totally be worth it!  Take time to connect with them.  You will be glad you did!

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