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Starter Supplies Every New Grandma Needs

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So you’re a new Grandma?  In order to make visits to your home easier for your Grandchild (and their parents!), it’s good to have a few things on hand.  Here are some starter supplies every new Grandma needs.

Starter Supplies New Grandmas Need

As a new Grandma, did you ever wonder what supplies new Grandmas need at their house?

Some Grandmas live close by, others a little farther away, and there are those Grandmas who live many miles away from their Grandchildren.

There are Grandmas with one brand new baby Grandchild and the Grandma with older Grandchildren.

I’m a Grandma with two Grandchildren, but others have many more.

In other words, every Grandma situation is unique. 

Our needs differ, our time with our Grandchildren varies, and our connections depend upon a lot of factors out of our control.

So, no matter how many Grands you have, their ages, their location, or the amount of time you get to spend with them, you want to be the best Grandma you know how to be.

What Things Do New Grandparents Need to Have?

I’ve made a list of items that you may want to have available at your home for those times your Grandchild visits. 

Consider their ages, how often they visit with and without their parents, and how many Grands you have in your life.

Look over the list of what to keep at a Grandparent’s house for baby and see if any or all of these items would benefit you when your Grands are in your home.

supplies for grandma

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A list of other gift guides can be found here.

If you are long-distance and only see your Grands occasionally, it may be appropriate to borrow items from friends instead of purchasing them. 

If the items at your house will not be in use every day, it really isn’t necessary to go “top of the line”. 

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What Does a New Grandma Need at Her House?

Must-Have Supplies for New Grandmas

Here are some of the things a new Grandma needs when the Grands visit her home.

What have YOU found most valuable when the Grands come to stay?

If the baby will be left in your care:

Emergency Phone Numbers

Phone numbers for parents, the child's doctor, the poison control center, and the local hospital emergency room are important numbers to have on hand in an emergency. 

If your Grandchild is visiting from out of town, having the emergency numbers for local services is a good idea. 

Of course, you should know 911 or the appropriate emergency system number for your area. 

You'll Also Need:

Medical release

If parents are leaving the baby with you, have them complete a release for emergency treatment, just in case you have to authorize any medical treatment in their absence.

For a Crawler

Add these things as the baby reaches appropriate developmental milestones.

Make Your Home Safe

Make Your Home Safe for Grandchildren.

Outlet covers, gates, cabinet locks, cord, and any other potential hazards should be addressed.

Get all the supplies a new Grandma needs!

It’s true that you don’t need everything you see or everything on this list.  Your Grandbaby will be just fine, even if you don’t have it all. 

But stocking your house will make it easier for your Grandchild’s parents to bring them for a visit.  And that’s the goal. 

Make it easier for them, which will benefit you in return.

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Mom here - the gesture is sweet but these kind of things really should be approved by the parents before purchasing/getting used. Things like a carseat, sleeping sitatuion are VERY important and parents will want to have a say in what items are used with their babies/kids.

Donna McNicol

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Another excellent post. We have 25 grandkids, scattered across the country, ranging in age from a couple months old (twins) to 30. Our tenth great-grandchild is due this summer. We used to keep coloring & activity books with crayons in our RV (we were full-time RVers for ten years) but the youngest ones out grew that. then we bought a house in Tennessee and got to meet another family with five (including the newest twins) grandkids. Yup, bought coloring books, crayons and bubble maker for them when they visit. LOL!

Donna B McNicol, author & traveler Romance & Mystery...writing my life A-Z Flash Fiction Tales: A-Z of Goldendoodles:


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Wow, Donna, 25? Happy to hear that you enjoy your Grands - no matter their age!

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