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A Message to my Grandchildren: Things I Want My Grandkids to Know

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A Grandparent’s advice for Grandchildren.  They’re so young and innocent.  And I’m old and wise.  Maybe.  Anyway, I’m sending this message to my Grandchildren with the things I want them to know and remember.

A Message to My Grandchildren

So, I’ve been sitting here thinking about our little people and what I’d like to tell them.

I’m sending this message to my Grandchildren because there are important things – “advice from Grandparents” – I want them to know.

Maybe you, too, have thought about the important nuggets of truth, experiences and lessons, wisdom, and encouragement that you could share with your Grands.

Think about the things you’d like to share with YOUR Grandkids, advice you’d like to give them, or those all-important truths about being someone’s Grandmother…

Being a Grandmother is an Adventure, for sure!

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But first, there’s this…

It starts here:

The Little Grands are spending the night with Grandma.

You’re standing in the doorway watching them sleep.

Little Miss takes a deep breath and exhales softly.

Tears come as you remember your own children, so sweet, sleeping soundly, without a care in the world.

Seeing them like this reminds you of those days long ago, when you were the Mom, not the Grandma.

No matter how difficult your own children were on a particular day, or how much they had annoyed you, you would stand there and watch them sleep.

And couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be their Mom.

At that moment, their vulnerability was evident, and there again you could see the halo floating above their heads.

Isn’t that the best?  Watching them sleep?  Then you fall in love with them all over again.

tucking her in

And you think:

Now instead of it being your children, it’s your GRANDchildren.

How incredibly awesome it is to have the opportunity to know your grandchildren.

How did you get so lucky to have the best grandkids?

Little Miss & Mr. are funny munchkins.

They say hilarious things.

Their giggles are contagious.

Your heart melts when they look at you with those sparkling eyes and grin.

Then they squeeze you around the neck.  They call you Gramma, Nana or Mimi and you feel their unconditional love.

And suddenly you’re wrapped around their little fingers.

You want to hold them, protect them, and never let them grow up – which we all know is impossible.

While you're little quote

But Life is a Roller Coaster

These littles are so innocent, sweet, and unaware of how harsh life can be.

They are also unaware of the truly magnificent things that are possible.

Life can be cruel and unforgiving.

It can be rewarding and amazing.

There will be times of disappointment and heartache.

There will be times of great joy!

No doubt they will face difficult situations during their lifetimes, and times of abundance and promise.

The least we can do for them is help prepare them for the day when we are no longer able to help them, defend them, or shield them from the outside forces.

And prepare them to appreciate and treasure the times of plenty.

Meme about Wise words from Grandma

We can help.

It’s up to us to provide the tools and strength they will require when the unexpected, inevitable, challenging moments come their way.

It’s up to us to teach them gratitude and appreciation for the good things in their lives.

The stability, courage, and confidence that come from having a strong family connection will be their protection.

The encouragement, acknowledgment of their accomplishments, and support for their endeavors will sustain them as they grow and find their own way.

Knowing that they are never alone, always have someone on their side, and the love of their family can increase the probability of a successful, productive, happy future. shares thoughts on Grandparents and their role in a child’s life.


What do you want to say to your Grandchildren?

Every Grandparent wants what’s best for their Grandkids. I’m sure you do, too! What things would you like them to know? I’ve compiled my list here.

Take a look and see where you agree and where we might differ. Let me know in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you.

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Here is the message to my Grandchildren:

Dear Grandchildren,

These are the things I’d like you to know…


Know that you are loved unconditionally.  Always.  For as long as I live, you will be in my heart.


Always show kindness and empathy.  

People will be drawn to you when you are understanding, caring, and compassionate.  

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Help Others

Give others a hand up.  

You get what you give, so be helpful and encouraging to others.


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Go all-in when you have a task to complete or a goal to achieve.  Give 100% to any undertaking.  

Be happy about successes and know you are capable.

Remember: finding the 12 ways it didn’t work leads to the 13th way that it will.

Be Proud

Have pride in your accomplishments.  

The prize is always sweeter when you’ve worked hard and scrambled to get there.

Be Humble

Admit when you make a mistake.  

We are all human.  

Start again and do it right next time.

Grandkids quote

Have Strength

When things go wrong, and they probably will at some point, be strong.  

Be courageous.  

Pick yourself up, dust off, and push ahead.  

There will be highs and lows during your life.

With the love and support of your awesome family and the perseverance and strength you have inside, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

have courage


Learn, learn, learn.  

It never ends.  

You will never know it all, even if you think you already do.

There’s that “one more thing” that could tip the scales in your favor.  

Don’t miss out.

Be Open-Minded

Listen to advice from others, even if you don’t agree with them.  

Consider their opinions, but make your own decisions.

Be Independent

Choose your own way.  

You are in control of your own life.

You are the one to live with your choices.

Be Involved

Make the world a better place.  

Go green, fight for what’s right, support a cause.  

Do what you can to leave your mark – – let them know you were here!

Find Happiness

Laugh.  Enjoy your life.  Have fun. Be happy.

Remember Family

Spend time with your family.  

The love and support you have from them can’t be measured.

Love your family

Know Where You Came From

Learn about your connections, traditions, and history.

Love God

Find a way to worship and love your God.  Have faith in Him through all things.

My final words:

Of course, this is only a partial list of the things I want my Grandkids to know.

Each family is unique, so add your own words of wisdom, advice, and love to this list.

Share with your littles.

Having Grandchildren is like having a second chance to get it right.

You want to enjoy your time with them and want them to enjoy their time with you.

Pass on your wisdom to them, but also learn from them.

Encourage them and support them.

Send a message to your Grandchildren.

Most of all, let them know just how much you love them.

Today, tomorrow, and always.

What do you want YOUR Grandkids to know? 

Tell me in the comments below.

Keep Passing Down the Love.

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Grandma’s Tip of the Day:  If you have hiccups, ask someone to press the protruding skin in front of your ear canals while you drink a glass of water. 

Your hiccups will subside within a minute.

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Thursday 21st of March 2024

Love each of these! Grandchildren are SUCH a gift! I just want to SAVOR each and every moment I share with them, and mostly for them to FEEL that love long after I am gone!! I just try to be keenly aware of time being short, and saying I love you as often as I can. Sadly, I sometimes forget to say it to my kids, and they need it too!! Blessings! P.S. I would LOVE to have these printed out as well!!


Monday 12th of February 2024

It would be great if these ‘’sayings’ were individually printed on small cards that can be included in letters or cards we send to our grandchildren… put in their lunchbox or under their pillow or on their bathroom mirror …


Thursday 1st of February 2024

Wonderful article thank you for sharing!

Dot Green

Thursday 18th of January 2024

I think this is wonderful. I try and tell my grandkids some of these things all the time. I may borrow a few of yours also. Thank you for sharing.


Thursday 7th of December 2023

Very true! Being a first time grandparent is Awesome! It’s therapeutic! You start to Glow! Bp lowers🤣❗️ I am loving it all the way❤️🌹🌹💃

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