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Being a New Grandma is an Adventure

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Being a new Grandma is exciting, awesome, and amazing beyond words.  Your life will change in ways you can’t imagine.  Let me share some tidbits here because being a new Grandma is an adventure you’ll treasure!

This post is part of the A-Z Challenge. 

A post using every letter of the alphabet.

Here we go…

“A” is for Adventure.

A New Grandmother Adventure

Being a Grandma is an Adventure

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The alphabet is full of amazing words to describe the adventure of being a Grandma.

After six+ years of being a Grandma, I’ve learned a few things. 

Maybe you’ll appreciate this analysis from my angle.

For every letter in the A-Z Challenge, we have a coloring page for your Grandkids.

Download your Coloring Page of “A” Words

Being a new Grandma is an adventure

Admit You’re Going to be New Grandma.

Your child is having a child, therefore you are going to be a new Grandma. 

You are still young, ambitious, active and able.

You thought Grandmas were just little old ladies.

Looking in the mirror, you wonder how this could possibly be happening. 

Well, it’s happening.

Admit it, you are looking forward to this addition even if it DOES mean you move up a notch on the family ladder.

Being a Grandma for the first time is scary, exciting, moving, and ridiculously awesome.

You’re going to be an awesome Grandma!

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Acceptance of Your Role as Grandmother.

It may be a shock at first, but after a few weeks, you will gain the ability to accept this amazing news. 

The avoidance of the idea will cease, the alarm bell will go silent, and the adventure will begin. 

You’ll get so wrapped up in the idea of this new little life, this extraodinary addition to your family, that you’ll be aching to hold this precious bundle.

Acceptance of your role as a first-time Grandma is only moments away.


Prepare for Activity.

Now you’ve admitted and accepted that you’re joining the Grandmahood, so it’s time for the activity to start.

Announce the News

Announce the news when you’re given approval.  (never until then)

It’s exciting news and we know you’re happy and proud!

Accept Congratulations

Accept your friends’ gesture to host an affair in your honor.

Get Your Home Ready

Make your home accessible and ready for this new baby.

Protect your new Grandchild from the hazards of a home by putting a blanket over your brick fireplace hearth, inserting plugs into outlets, getting a gate, or whatever else is required to make your home safe.

Remember the Car

If you’re going to be helping transport this little one, make sure you have an infant seat for your car.

Stock Up

Go ahead and acquire some additional supplies in advance of the big event.

If you live close by your Grandchild, you should probably be prepared for visits. Having supplies on hand will make your visits easier, which in turn might make them more frequent.

And that’s always a good thing, right?

Give Advice Sparingly.

You want to be an awesome new Grandma, right? 

Find some more tips here: 10 Top Tips for a New Grandma – Be the Best Grandparent!.

Then only give advice when asked. 

And even then, give that advice absent of judgment and accusation. 

You are no longer the parent. 

Let your children be amazing parents. 

They will make their own mistakes, just as you did in the past. 

Accept their analysis of possible approaches and accept their answers and the ability to make their own decisions for their child.

And here is a little advice just for you – Grandma to new Grandma.

Being a Grandma

Give Affection.

Show your affection for this awesome little person. 

Give amazing hugs, kisses, and access to your time. 

Accumulating “things” that are soon abandoned, lost or broken will likely be soon forgotten as well. 

Giving your time, attention and affection are the things which will be put away in their hearts and memory in the years to come.

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Your child will appreciate your efforts to always be a positive addition to their child’s life. 

Your approval and support will be appreciated as well. 

In return, allow them to feel your appreciation of the time you have with their child.  Show appreciation for them in their role as parents. 

Adopt an attitude of gratitude for this little being and you will be rewarded.


So the adventure has begun. 

Admit it, accept it, begin activities to prepare, hold advice until asked, show affection and appreciation, and always strive to have the most amazing Grandma Adventure!

A is for Adventure.

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Keep Passing Down the Love,

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P.S.  Long-distance Grandma

It may not seem real when you’re so far away, but your adventure has begun, too. 

Make an effort to connect with this new little one. 

You won’t regret it!

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Thursday 31st of December 2020

I got the GREATEST gift on Christmas my daughter told me I was gonna be a Gramma! They live in FL and I in Indiana so any advice on being a long distance grandparents would be much appreciated! Shhh she hasn't gone public yet!


Thursday 31st of December 2020

What wonderful news! Congratulations!


Thursday 5th of April 2018

All great tips - especially not announcing anything until they give you permission to - their generation is much less likely to plaster stuff all over FB now they're adults. Also not giving advice unless specifically asked (and in moderation with disclaimers) is also really important.

Leanne | E for Enjoy Life Today


Thursday 5th of April 2018

I've overstepped the line a time or two. With good intentions or not, we have to remember who is in charge of the little one. (disclaimers, yes!)

Sandra Taylor

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

being a grandma is my best loved thing - it is precious to have this time with a small child again and yet none of the 'burden'. they are energetic and wear me out and that is great, they are keen and unconditional with their love and that makes me feel special and grateful.


Wednesday 4th of April 2018

So, true, Sandra. Every day with them is special! Thanks!

Judy Freedman

Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

What a sweet post. I have a long wait until I am a grandma. Although my son told me the other day that maybe at 35 he will be ready to be a dad. I have at least 8 years to go or longer. My daughter isn't ready yet either. I will likely have a grandpuppy before a grandchild.

Enjoy your grandchildren!


Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

Ah, Judy. I had two Grandpuppies long before I had Grandkids, too! It's worth the wait, but if you don't get there, that has to be ok, too. It's out of our hands... Thanks for stopping by!

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