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What’s a TickleMe Plant? A Fun Surprise!

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Watch the progress as our TickleMe Plant grows up.

What’s a TickleMe Plant?

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, so I was browsing online for a unique gift for my Grandkids. They are the luckiest kids – they have everything they could possibly need!

Candy again?  No, just can’t.  It’ll rot their little teeth.  (Even though those teeth are starting to fall out now – she’s 6).

Toys?  Good grief, it was just Christmas.  What’s left to get them?

I’ve been on a kick lately – I’m ready to simplify, declutter, and live with less.  Having experiences has become more valuable to me than having things (you can read more here)

So, sharing that idea with them seems like the right thing for me to do.

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So, I was looking for something we could do together.  Since it’s winter and cold here, outdoor things aren’t such a Grand idea.  (See what I did there?).

So what did you get?

As I was surfing for ideas, I ran across this.  It’s called a TickleMe Plant.

What’s a TickleMe Plant?

This will make a really fun gift for the little ones!  There is a box with a Valentine, it’s red, the instructions are inside and they are clear so I know what to do to grow my TickleMe Plant. 

There are options available for other Holiday or birthday messages, too.

Where did you get it?

It came from Amazon, and because I have Prime, it was here in two days. If you already have Amazon Prime, you know how awesome it is. If you don’t, check it out – Amazon Prime Trial. I’m a procrastinator and fast delivery really comes in handy!  Anyway…

What happened next…

I set it on the counter and looked at it for a few days, but I couldn’t resist.  My curiosity got the best of me.

I opened the box, read the directions, and I’ve already planted the little seeds myself. 

The reasoning?  I need to see if it works before I give them something that’s a flop! 

If this turns out great, this is what my littles are getting from me for their Valentine’s Day gift.  Because they “tickle my heart”.

This is day 3.  See below for updates.

Day 3 TickleMe Plant

Can we watch it grow?

As this thing continues to sprout, I’ll update the pictures.  (see below)  When it’s all grown up and tickle-y, maybe I’ll even post a video like this one…

This is really cool, right?  And do you know what else?  They have TickleMe gift boxes for all occasions, not just Valentine’s Day.  They have Birthday, Christmas, Easter and more…



What’s a TickleMe Plant?

Check it out here.

Come back soon – I’ll share the progress!


Well, I’ve never been accused of having a green thumb…  I managed to kill my Tickle Me Plant.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to water your plant, or it will shrivel up and die.  Really.  It will.

I DO think this is still a great idea.   For those of you with a green thumb, of course, and can remember the watering part.

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.