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16 Fun Activities for Kids That Will Really Burn Some Energy

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All that extra energy those kids have can be released with these fun activities for kids!  Spending time outdoors with kids is great for Grandparents, too!

Fun activities for kids to burn energy fast

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Exercising with Kids

As Grandparents age, our bodies tend to slow down, we have more aches and pains, and our energy levels decrease. 

For children, the incidence of childhood obesity has become more of a concern.  

To combat this, the pros advocate exercising and healthy eating. 

These fun activities for kids will encourage exercise and accomplish all of these things at the same time – connecting with your Grands, keeping them active, and increasing your activity as well.

What do you think about staying fit as a family? 

Including fitness, physical activity, and play in your family culture can lead children to make better decisions about their daily physical activities and interests. 

And finding fun activities for kids to enjoy makes all the difference.

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Fun Activities for Kids

Suggestions for incorporating exercise into your time with your Grands:

Visit the Park –

Taking your grandkids to the park is a fun way to enjoy your time together while getting mobile. 

Take turns pushing each other on the merry-go-round.   

Swing with them on the swingset. 

The majority of parks have equipment suitable for adults as well as children. 

Take advantage of your local park for exercise opportunities. 

Use our free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable while you’re there!

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Swimming –

Swimming is a great exercise, as well as an important skill to develop. 

The swimming pool isn’t the only place to swim – try the lake, the river or the ocean. 

Chasing waves, skipping rocks, or just wading in the water are all wonderful activities to enjoy together.

Walking –

Walking is a form of exercise where almost anyone can participate. 

Take the dog and walk the neighborhood, walk babies with the stroller, or simply play follow the leader around the yard. 

For older kids, join in on a 5k or walk-a-thon for charity. 

Incorporating these charitable activities to give back is a great plus – be a good example of kindness and fun activities for kids and exercise at the same time.

fun activities for kids to share with Grandparents

Throwing –

Throw things – the baseball, horseshoes, or washers. 

Throw a frisbee or boomerang. 

Toss a ball for the dog or have a pillow fight. 

Spend the energy, wear them out. 

Exercise helps with sleep as well as fitness.  Go ahead and throw something!

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Old-time Kids Games

Remember those games you played as a kid? 

How about sharing the old-time games with your Grandkids?  Duck-duck-goose, Red Rover, Simon Says, Mother May I, London Bridge, Tag, Hide & Seek, Ring-Around-the-Rosie, Red Light Green Light, and Freeze Tag are some of my favorites.

Yoga –

If you are interested in Yoga, share that interest with your Grands. 

Show them how to do “cat”, “cow”, or “warrior” or how to make a tree. 

Yoga is a lot of fun and sharing your knowledge may spark their eventual interest and pursuit of Yoga as well.

Fishing –

Fishing may not be considered an exercise, but think about all of the motions that are involved. 

Walking to your location, casting a line, reeling in a fish, or jumping up and down with excitement at a first catch. 

All of those would count as exercise.  If you are a fisherman, share your love of fishing with your Grands. 

Sharing your hobby, your knowledge, and your love of the pastime can be the start of cherished memories together. 

Fishing is exercise, too!

Hiking –

No matter where you live, you should be able to find a place to go hiking. 

Here in Missouri, we have the Katy Trail, State Parks, the Ozark hills, and other public and private areas that are great for hiking – some easy trails, others challenging adventures. 

Pick your style and search for a location to explore in your area. 

Also in Missouri, U.S.A., try HaHa Tonka or Elephant Rock State Park for an interesting day of hiking.

Exercise Parachutes –

I will have to admit that I had never heard about the exercise parachute until my sister suggested I try it. 

If you don’t know about this either, you can check it out here

In this game, several players are required. 

Teamwork, exercise, and fun combine to make this a favorite fun activity for kids everywhere.

Wiggles on YouTube  –

Have your Grandkids asked you to find The Wiggles on YouTube? 

These videos combine singing, dancing, and learning into a fun, exciting experience for everyone. 

High energy, musical fun to get you up on your feet.

Dance –

Put on some old-time rock and roll, share your love of the 60s and 70s music (or whatever high-energy music you like), and dance up a storm. 

Dancing is a fun way to blow off steam.  Sharing your favorite tunes with your Grands can make for a playful, educational afternoon.

Bowling –

If you are thinking about doing something a little different, how about spending an afternoon at the bowling alley? 

A little competition, a lesson on keeping score, and rolling a ball all rolled up into one fun excursion.

Jump Rope –

It’s been ages since I picked up a jump rope.

How about you?  Do you remember the rhymes that go along with jumping?

Cinderella, dressed in yellow

Went upstairs to kiss a fellow

Made a mistake and kissed a snake

How many doctors did it take?

1 – 2 – 3 – 4…. until the jumper misses.

Here are some more rhymes for you to learn and teach to your Grandkids.

Hula Hoop –

Oh, my.  Conquering the hula hoop is quite an impressive feat when you haven’t tried it since your own childhood. 

Get yourself a hula hoop and give it a shot. 

This is a blast and a great way to expend some energy!

Skating –

Roller skating, rollerblading and ice skating are forms of exercise that your Grandkids would love and may not have tried yet. 

Spend a sunny, winter day on an ice rink, like the outdoor rink, Steinberg Skating Rink in St. Louis, Missouri

Make wonderful memories with your Grandkids by going skating.

Bicycle –

Finally, maybe riding bicycles is your thing. 

Have them bring their bikes when they come to visit or find some used bikes at a garage sale. 

Work with your Grandkids to fix up the bicycles and go for a ride. 

Keep them at your own house for use during visits.

Finally –

There are many ways to get up off the couch, out from in front of the T.V., and spend some quality time with your Grands.   

Use these fun activities for kids to help them burn some energy, get some exercise and enjoy their time with you. 

What a perfect way to make memories together while staying mobile. 

Make exercise and movement part of your family culture. 

Let them know that fitness can be fun. Exercise with your Grandchildren!

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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Thursday 5th of April 2018

There are so many things we use to do with our kids. Can’t wait for the grands to start making an appearance so we can hit the fun playgrounds again!


Thursday 5th of April 2018

Hey, Laura. Enjoy the in-between times, too. I had about 10 years between "my boys are gone" and the "Grands are here". I like that I don't look as silly swinging with them as I did when I was doing it alone... ;)

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