One child is the “mother”.  Mother gives the commands.  The rest of the children are given commands by mother and must say “Mother May I?” before proceeding.  If they fail to ask permission, they must go back to the start.  The first player to reach Mother wins.

Watch this for a demonstration.


Regular Tag

Decide who will be IT.  This person will chase the other players, trying to tag them.  When someone is tagged, the tagged person becomes IT.

It is best to set boundaries for the playing area.  For example, you can’t go past the driveway, or you must stay in the grassy area.  Smaller spaces will make it harder to stay away from IT.

There can also be a safe zone, like a tree, a stepping stone, or some sort of base.  When a player is touching the safe zone, he cannot be caught or become IT.  However, a player should only be allowed to remain in the safe zone for a small amount of time.  One way to do this is to begin counting when the safe zone is reached and the player must leave the safe zone when the count reaches 20.

Decide on any rules before starting play.

 Freeze Tag

Decide who will be IT.  The person who is IT is able to  “freeze” other players.  When the game begins, everyone runs away from IT.  IT chases after the other players, trying to tag (touch) them.  If a person is successfully tagged, he or she must “freeze” in place (stand still and not move).

Frozen people cannot move until another player un-freezes them (touches them to return them to normal).  An unfrozen player can resume playing.

The player who is IT wins by freezing all the other players.


Here is a video to help explain this game.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a great classic old-fashioned yard game to play with kids outside.  Play with two or more players.

Set the rules for hiding before play.  Let players know what areas are “off-limits” – don’t go down by the pond, or don’t go in Mommy’s room.  It may be a good idea to set boundaries, too – don’t go past the fence, etc.

The player who is IT hides his eyes and counts to 100.  NO PEEKING!  The other players find a place to hide.

When counting is complete, IT says “Ready or not, here I come!”  This lets the players know the “seeking” portion has begun.  At this point, they must try to find all of the other players who have hidden.

IT tags the found players.

The person who is “It” should give the universal “all clear” signal if some of the hidden players do not return home before a predetermined period of time.  If they can’t be found,  Yell, “Olly, Olly oxen free!”  They will know it’s safe to come back.

The first person found will be IT in the next game.

Download your Coloring Page of “Y” Words

Simon Says

One person in the group will be Simon.  Simon stands in front of the players and tells them what they must do.

The players must only obey commands that begin with the words ”Simon says”.

For example, if Simon says, “Simon says cross your legs,”, players must cross their legs. Then if Simon says “wiggle your toes”, WITHOUT first saying “Simon says,” players must not remain still and NOT wiggle their toes.

Whoever follows a command when Simon didn’t first say “Simon says” they are out of the game.  Last player standing wins and gets to be Simon the next round.

This game can get silly.  Be creative with the requests from Simon and have fun!

Here are some other fun games to play with kids outside:


My Grandmother had a croquet set.  We always wanted to play during our visits.  It was different from anything we had at home.  We loved setting it up ourselves.  With mallets, balls and wire loops, we were entertained for an entire afternoon!  The one we used was very much like this one:  Croquet Set.


Horseshoes, a great outdoor game for summer picnics and parties, should probably be saved for the older kids or adults.  Here is an example of a Horseshoe Game Set.

If younger children are allowed to play, close supervision is required. or get them their own plastic set like this one.

Four Square

This is a fun game for outdoors but has a lot of rules.  It is so popular that is has it’s own website.  Check it out for yourself:

Make up your own

There are so many ways to have fun outside.  Play one of the games mentioned here or make up your own.  Either way, get outside and get some exercise, play, use your imagination and have a blast with your Grandkids!

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