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Creating Easter Memories: Easter Songs for Kids

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The best Easter Songs for kids are ones that help them remember the moments.  Read more about music & memories here.

Creating holiday memories, at least creating Easter memories, can start with music. 

Music has a real impact on what we remember. 

If you want to create memories to last a lifetime, involve music in the process. 

The best Easter songs for kids

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This is a silly (as in non-serious, just for fun)  Easter-related post.

Thinking about Easter coming soon, memories from my childhood come rushing back.  

It may have been a long time ago, but some of these are still so vivid!  

I have visions of Chocolate Easter bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and those speckled, colored malted milk ball eggs.  Remember those?  

Then we always had a new spring dress with patent leather shoes for church.  

Didn’t you have some just like this?

Easter Songs for Kids

The Musical Memory Part about Easter:

We remember our early Easters through the music.

It was the season we were allowed to play our favorite Easter record.

Do you remember “Peter Cottontail: Easter and Springtime Favorites”?  

Oh, my.  

We played it, and played it, and played it.  

And we sang.  

At the top of our lungs.

With the “Wheeler Singing Ability” that we all possess.  (you know we can’t carry a tune, right?  But that didn’t really seem to matter…)

We knew every song by heart.  

I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking… They probably knew all the words, too!

Poor Dad…

If you’ve never heard this album, give it a listen.  

I’ve included the title track below.  

Just remember, I was young.  

And this was outta sight!  Can you dig it?

This album also includes our other favorites:

  •  I Could Write a Sonnet (about your Easter bonnet)
  •  The Flippity Floppity Rabbit
  •  Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (Oh, what a beautiful day…)

I’ll save you from the rest of the list, but if you want to hear all the other songs, they are on YouTube, just waiting for you.

Or you can order the record from Amazon. This is the actual one I have in my possession, 60 or so years later…

Or maybe you still have a turntable/record player?   Because I still have that record and would love to play it for you…

Here is some more Easter music and Easter songs for kids from Amazon.

Kids Favourite Easter Songs

Easter Favorites

Or make your own Easter music with the kids…

Easter Egg Musical Instruments

So this is the moral to the story – THE BEST EASTER SONGS FOR KIDS are the ones they remember. 

And sing.  And sing again.

Create memories for your kids and Grandkids by playing special music on special occasions. 

Repetition is the key to remembering!

Now, wasn’t that awesome, enlightening, ridiculous?  

Do you have any favorite Easter memories?  Share with me, please!

Easter Eggs

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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Patent leather shoes and Peter Cottontail

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Music Makes Memories More Magical! -

Thursday 4th of May 2017

[…] When we make Christmas cookies, we play our favorite Christmas songs and sing along.  Do you remember going caroling at Christmas?  This is rarely done today, but getting a group together and visiting a nursing home or hospital during the holidays would be memorable and meaningful activity.  Easter can also be a musical holiday.  Buy a CD of  Easter songs and play it each year.  You can read about my Easter obsession with Peter Cottontail and Chicken or the Egg here. […]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.