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Halloween Gifts for Kids: Candy Alternatives

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Halloween is all about the treats.  Whether you don’t want them to eat so much candy or they have allergies that make you wary, you may want to consider fun alternatives to the candy.  Here are some non-candy Halloween Gifts for kids that will help you with that decision.

Non-candy Halloween gifts for kids

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Non-Candy Halloween Gifts for Kids

It’s tough deciding how much candy to let the kids eat, how much to eat yourself, and how much to give away or throw away. 

Halloween begins the season of snacks, treats, goodies, and tooth decay. 

I’m kidding, but not really.  It’s also tough for kids with allergies! 

So begin by injecting some non-candy fun into the mix.

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Here are some awesome alternatives to Halloween candy.  Try some of these things this year!

Non-Candy Gift Ideas for Kids

Switch Witch

A great place to begin trading candy for non-candy gifts is with the Switch Witch. 

The set comes with a witch doll, a book, and a case. 

The premise is this:  the Switch Witch comes late Halloween night (or very early the next morning) and swaps out all the Halloween candy for a special gift. 

It’s all explained in the book that you can read to your kids before Halloween. 

(It wouldn’t be fair for the switch to be a surprise.  It’s better if the kids are on board!)

Switch witch

Here are some other fun ideas for Non-candy Halloween gifts for kids.

LED Lighted Hat

Light up the night with this LED lighted hat. 

It’s a cute hat that’s fun to wear and a safety measure at the same time. 

LED lighted hat

Kids wearing this hat will be more visible Halloween night when they’re Trick-or-Treating or any time they’re outdoors at night.

LED Lighted Gloves

These gloves are awesome and would also serve as an outdoor safety measure for the kids.

LED GLoves for Halloween


Halloween Popups

These little guys are a ton of fun! 

We have had them in my Halloween box forever. 

When the Grands came along, we purchased a fresh set because the others were about worn out. 

They will love these, I’m sure.

Halloween Popup Toys

Halloween Windup Toys

Who doesn’t love a little windup toy? 

Watch the skeletons, vampires, and mummies dance across the floor. 

This is a set of twelve different characters, all ready to boogie for you.

Halloween windup toysGlow in the Dark Slime

Slime.  It’s all the rage. 

And Glow in the Dark Slime? 

Well, that HAS to be a hit. 

Slimy consistency they love. 

Turn off the light for the best effect.

Glow in the Dark Slime

Halloween Spooky Squishies

Ok, I hadn’t heard of these Squishies until just the other day. 

The little girl who was playing with one had an entire collection of them and was happy to show me each one. 

She had a watermelon, an owl, a bear, and many more. 

Halloween Squishies

These spooky squishies will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Books:  Room on the Broom

Books are always a good gift. 

And with all of the choices of books for Halloween, you can’t go wrong. 

This is one of our favorites. 

Probably because there is a cat on the broom…

Room on the Broom book

Lego Vampire & Bat Building Kit

Many kids are into Legos and this Vampire Building Kit does not disappoint! 

The miniature bat has movable wings and can land on the vampire’s claw. 

Or hand.  Or head. 

Anyway, with this set, you and the kids are ready for some Halloween fun!

Lego Vampire and Bat building kit

Girl’s Halloween Shirt

A shirt for every occasion.  Halloween is no exception. 

These adorable shirts would make great non-candy Halloween gifts for kids.

Halloween shirt



Personalized Boy’s Halloween Shirt

Boys Halloween shirt

Personalized Water Bottles

You can never have too many water bottles, can you? 

These are perfect for Halloween. 

Just put them away with your decorations and get them out again next year. 

It’s a gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Halloween water bottle

Black Cat Tote Bag

Cats.  Do you know I like cats?  If you’ve read this blog for very long,

I’m sure you do.  I even mentioned the book above because of the cat on the cover. 

Here’s a fun tote to carry all of your valuable stuff. 

Oh, and the kids would love this, too!

Black Cat Tote Bag

The Goonies Movie

Have you seen this classic movie? 

It’s a perfect Halloween movie for the whole family. 

It’s a movie that has stood the test of time. 

Did you know that Goonies is a Steven Spielberg movie?

The Goonies DVD

Dinosaur Eggs

This kit is so cool. 

There are 12 “eggs”, chisel tools, and a guidebook. 

Each egg contains a dinosaur for you to find.   

There is even a “bug” version. 

Your kids will have a great time excavating like a real scientist.

Dinosaur Eggs

You know they don’t need more candy. 

And kids with allergies will appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

Why not consider a non-candy Halloween gift for your kids or Grandkids? 

There are a lot of choices, so go ahead.  Pick something. 

They will love you for it!

As always,

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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Monday 22nd of October 2018

Great gift ideas! Always looking for something other than candy to give to my nephews. I am thinking the slime will be good!


Monday 22nd of October 2018

Glad to help. My Grands are 5 & 6 and they LOVE the slime. Good choice!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.