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Spend Quality Time with Grandkids in Spite of Mobility Issues

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In spite of limited mobility issues, Grandparents can have a fun time with their Grandkids.  Here are some activities for Grandparents to keep you busy connecting with them.

Activities for grandparents with mobility issues

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Having Fun with Grandkids

As a Grandparent, you know that making a connection with your Grandchildren is important. 

And as we age, many of us may develop some degree of limited mobility that changes the way we interact with them.

It becomes difficult to get down on the floor to play, there may be a decrease in stamina, you may lose flexibility, and lifting anything heavy (like your Grandchild) may become impossible.

Your condition may even require the use of a cane, walker, wheelchair or oxygen tank.

If you have health issues limiting your activity, it may seem difficult to find activities to enjoy with your Grandchildren.  

However, if you think about it a little, there are many ways to entertain each other in spite of your limited mobility.

Here are some things to do with Grandparents that everyone will love.

Activities for Grandparents with Limited Mobility

Here are some suggestions for Grandparents with limited mobility issues.  

Determine the appropriateness of each idea based on the child’s age, interests, and abilities.

Things you can do while sitting on the sofa (or in a wheelchair):

Activities for Grandparents with limited mobility

Read to each other. 

Everyone likes a good story.  If your eyesight makes it difficult, have the Grandchild read a story to you!

Tell family stories. 

Share your personal stories, stories about the past, your family, and things that happened in your life.

Share Memories

Look at photo albums together and talk about the people and places in the photos.

Make music

Play instruments or listen to music.  Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around music.  There’s something about a song or melody that sends you back into your past. 

Play Games

Play video games or simply watch as your Grandchild displays his/her skills.

Do an interview

Take turns interviewing each other. (Find questions here.)  This is a great way to learn about each other and can lead to more in-depth conversations.

Share your love of sports

Watch a sporting event on television – such as a baseball game, football game or hockey.

Working a puzzle: Grandparents with limited mobility

Things you can do at a table with limited mobility:

Limited mobility does not have to stop you from enjoying time with your Grandchildren.  

If you are able to sit at the table, either in a regular chair or wheelchair, these activities would be fun things to do with your Grandchild. 

There are many memories to be made and laughs to be had gathered around the table.

Play board games. A good game of chess, checkers or Monopoly may be just what the doctor ordered.

Play with Playdough or make Slime.  Getting your hands into something squishy or creating a masterpiece makes us all feel happy!

Build with Legos, Lincoln Logs, or Tinker Toys.  This is a good time to drag out the toys from the past that your own child may have used. 

Or am I the only one that still owns 10,000 Legos and a box of Lincoln Logs?

Building a model

Assemble a model car, airplane, or science project. 

This may require a degree of dexterity and steady hands, so again, consider your ability.

If you are able, or your Grandchild is old enough to help, not a problem.

Mix a batch of cookies using one of your family’s favorite recipes

You not only have fun, share recipes and make the house smell good, but you can also create a treat at the same time!

Work a jigsaw puzzle.  This is a favorite at our Christmas gatherings. 

Everyone strolls over to the table, finds a piece or two, or sits and stays a while to work on it. 

This is a good place for someone with limited mobility to hang out, as all the guests eventually make their way to visit and participate in the puzzle process at some point.

Activities for Grandparents with limited mobility

Things you can do outdoors with limited mobility:

Being outdoors lets the kids run off some energy and gives you a breath of fresh air. 

Some of these things you can do in a park, others may be more suited to your backyard. 

Consider your abilities and determine which is best for your situation.

Be Simon in Simon Says.  You can be Simon or the Grandkids can be a Simon that understands your limitations.

Grow a raised bed garden.  Plant the seeds, water the plants, weed the garden, and pick the produce with your Grandchildren. 

Gardening is possible for many months of the year!

Blow bubbles. The is no better way to have a barrel of fun. 

Blowing bubbles

Have a contest to see who can blow the biggest or the most bubbles.

Here is a recipe for the Best Bubbles in town!

This is the recipe my own kid’s Grandma used to make enormous bubbles.

Swim.  If you have a pool in your neighborhood or your yard, swimming can be a lot of fun. 

It’s a therapeutic activity for Grandparents with limited mobility and a good physical activity for kids!

Activities for Grandparents with limited mobility

Places you can go in spite of your limited mobility:

Many places have made accommodations for those with mobility issues.

Call in advance if you are unsure about a particular venue’s arrangements.

If your condition allows, try some of these things.

Go on short outings like school functions or your Grandchild’s ballgame.

See a movie, or go to a play.  

Go to a sporting event or concert.

Go out to eat at a restaurant or have a picnic.

Visit the zoo or amusement park.

Find an appropriate activity.

There are many ways to spend quality time with your Grandchildren, in spite of your limited mobility issues. 

You know you want to find ways to have fun with your Grandchildren, right?

So go ahead, jump in and have some fun!

And whatever you do,

Keep Passing Down the Love,

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